What doesn't work with special/nethunter/stryker/patched kernel?

What device is preferred for Stryker?

Any device that matches requirements:

Are there any additional requirements?

For more stable operation, we recommend using devices released after 2018.

We do not recommend taking Samsung because on some (so far no patterns have been identified), especially on stock firmware - errors occur due to the hardware (we are working on fixing it) .

We also recommend phones with a processor from Qualcomm - they can be intercepted using an internal wifi chip without additional patches (for smartphones older than 2018).

Will it work on device X?

First, the stryker has a very small size, so you can test it for yourself in just five minutes. Since the stryker is quite universal, there are no plans to make separate lists of where he works. Secondly, if you do not have a device and you are thinking about buying / rooting a phone. Just check if the specifications match the recommendations above.




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